Thursday, September 20, 2007

Does the Establishment have Cooties?

So the Vote for MMP folk are putting out the message that the No MMP campaign is a bunch of establishment types. A couple of points:

1. The official No MMP campaign is not exactly being run or backed by a bunch of big names. Unless the establishment is being secretly controlled by a retired engineer, a immigrant university professor, a PhD candidate and other such nefarious types as the No MMP campaign is. The fact that a lot of media types have come out against MMP is a symptom of the problems with MMP not some grand conspiracy. Secondly, this line of argumentation is being put forward by a group backed quite publicly by folks like Hugh Segal and George Smitherman. Who's the establishment here?

2. Second of all, what exactly is the problem with the establishment? I kind of get this line of argument from dippers but when Grits (like Scott Tribe on MMP and the YLC) start spewing this stuff... The establishment believes in such terrible things as public health care and economic prosperity. Wouldn't want to agree with them. Give me a break!


Scott Tribe said...

Actually, the fact that the establishment media have come out against it makes the exact point -- it doesn't however show signs of anything being wrong with MMP.

And stop distorting my position. I brought up the YLC because it was YOU who made the argument that somehow MMP was being foisted on Ontarions by the political class of this province, where I was making the position the political class was at least divided on it, using the YLC as an example.

aginsberg said...

I actually meant the YLC red revolution stuff... sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

So how are Larry Gordon, Mark Greenan, and Steve Withers establishment?

Mark Greenan said...

Yeah, I ain't establishment - at least not in this province.

And I think most of the establishment is (thankfully) more concerned with winning an election for their respective parties.

I'd agree that media opposition to MMP might not be part of an establishment conspiracy, if they had say, some cogent arguments opposing it.

Andy said...

I would guess that the establishment has decided that MMP is dead in the water and has moved on to other things.

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