Thursday, August 16, 2007

MMP and Charlottetown

I am increasingly seeing similarities between MMP and the failed Charlottetown accord. In both cases, honest people set out to solve a problem facing them. In both cases, they arrived at a solution that much of the political class appproved of. However, much like Charlottetown, MMP should be defeated. It is not the idea of electoral reform that I find repulsive just as it was not the idea of ammending the constitution to bring Quebec on board. In both cases, it is not the intention but the execution which make them fail. Small clauses are important. It is not good enough to say, as some in the yes camp do, that our current system is broken and therefore we need change. We must realize fully the consequences of that change both positive and negative. Until we find a solution which does not create more problems than it solves, MMP must go the way of Charlottetown and be voted down.


Scott Tribe said...

I'd really like to see what "political class" in Ontario is supporting MMP, Aaron. It was a "Citizen's Assembly" of everyday people who came up with and advocated this new system. The parties are forces to remain neutral on this by Ontario Election laws. You have individual Cabinet ministers on both sides of the issue.. and you have Liberals of both grassroot and ranking both on for and against sides.

Regardless of whether you say yes or no, I dont think the "political class supports this" is a justifiable argument one way or the other - just as I dont think its fair to say there's a Liberal Party high ranking conspiracy to kill this, as has been said elsewhere.

Mark Greenan said...

I agree with Scott. It's absurd to say "the political class" is behind MMP.

The recommendation came from a group of average citizens with no stake in the electoral system.

I'd say the political class is divided on this, to say the least.

Skinny Dipper said...

The MMP proposal was designed by a cross section of citizens who come from all parts of Ontario. The Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords were designed by elite politicians. If you are so against MMP, come up with a voting system that you think is better than MMP.

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