Saturday, September 15, 2007

Can we find Elections Ontario some boxes?

This is ridiculous. Why on earth are we putting the referendum ballots in the same box as the election ballots. Why don't we have two sets of boxes? It would save hours of separating the two ballots at the end. What were they thinking?


Anonymous said...

The referendum legislation passed by the Liberal government states that both referendum and election ballots must go into one ballot box in each station. Elections Ontario is following the law as passed. This means that both sets of ballots must be counted on election night after the boxes are opened. It's called democracy. Why did you want to steal some of the boxes to help the status quo win?

A BCer in Toronto said...

A dumb comment by anon, but I expect he or she is right on the law. Two boxes would be problematic though. People could put ballots in the wring box, and that would cause a lot of trouble.

I worked the last BC vote for Elections BC where we had the STV vote, and it was one (very stuffed) box. Wasn't a problem. When the time came we dumped them out, separated them, and did each count.

This issue of the delays is silly though. It took us 10 mins to separate out ballots. I was done both counts in an hour, hour and a half tops.

If BC can do it, I don't see why Ontario can't.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it has something to do with using the existing scrutineers for both counts?

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