Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday, boring Sunday

So, I've got the day before school starts blues. I will get back to my local prognosticating (hopefully tomorrow). Right now, more thoughts...

  • This article in the Star is the best representation of the whole referendum thing. I particularly like the stuff about the seven part educational video. I don't like referenda as a means of lawmaking. People just don't care enough. Particularly when the topic is perceived to be as dry as electoral reform.
  • The NFL season starts today. My Bills have a brutal first five weeks. I'm praying for one win.
  • Anyone notice this is the second week of CIS football? No? Anyone? Queen's beat Western last week which makes me very happy. Didn't hear about it? Really?
  • I think the Liberals should just say nothing the entire campaign and watch John Tory shoot himself in the foot. It is so amusing. He's made the election about his foolish education idea. I was worried about defending broken promises.
  • This is scary and disgusting.
  • This is a tough issue. I see both sides of it. I think we probably need a little curtained off area in the voting where a female DRO could verify identity. Voting should not bring you shame. On the other hand, you should not be able to put on a veil and vote ten times.
  • MMP is still bad for Ontario. I know I haven't said that in a while. It is.
  • On that note, the reason we want to bring attention to the use of Citizens' Assembly literature by the pro-MMP campaign is because we'd like that kind of government support. We have no problem with information. However, the government said that they weren't going to fund either side. This is funding one side. Also, the CA literature says things like "MMP strengthens representation." That is only information if you are working for the Iraqi Ministry of Information under Saddam Hussein. Otherwise, it's propaganda.
  • The election campaign kicks off tomorrow. I will start going through the reasons to vote Liberal soon. Right now I'm just going to say if you like teaching evolution and not creationism, Vote Liberal!

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