Friday, September 14, 2007

Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington

I was going to hold off on this riding. Mostly because I don't want Randy Hillier to win. That said, Mr. Hillier looks like a lock so here it goes.

If you want to see a candidate who speaks to the right wing of the Tory base, look no further than Mr. Hillier. Mr. Hillier is the co-founder of the local farmer's association which gained provincial notoriety for massive protests. He's out to show that Ontario is more than Toronto. Apparently, Mike Harris wasn't enough for him. The fact that Dalton is of course from Ottawa eludes him as well. In fact, the only leader from Toronto is Hillier's man, John Tory. Someone should probably tell him. He is very popular among the farmers in this largely rural ridings. If Hillier can even get a sniff in the small towns of this riding like Napanee, he should win easily.

Ian Wilson holds the banner for the Grits after Leona Dombrowsky decided to avoid a head-to-head confrontation with Mr. Hillier. Mr. Wilson has all sorts of experience working in the public interest locally. Against an ordinary Tory candidate I might give the political neophyte a prayer. However, the riding redistribution makes this riding pretty safe to begin with and when you add in the Hillier factor it's game over.

The NDP has no ground game to speak of in rural southern Ontario and LFLA is no exception. Russ Sutherland, who lost in part of the new riding last time out can expect about the same 10% this time around. His background is in health, if you are interested.

Prediction: Safe Progressive Conservative

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