Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tory Wants the F&%$ing Natives Out of the Park

In yet another throwback to the Harris era, John Tory has threatened to crack down on illegal land occupations.


Anonymous said...

Two years if negotiations with the natives has not worked. They continue to intimidate and terrorize the residents of Caledonia with no end in sight. The time has come for them to be forcebly removed.

lance said...

Heh. Read your post. :)

Especially the use of the words 'crack-down' and 'illegal'.

If it's illegal, I'd rather he did crack down on it.

Anonymous said...

What in the world is wrong with John Tory. He actually wants to return to a system of law and order that applies to all.

Tania said...

If law and order existed in this country, land claims disputes would not have to resort to this. There are a lot of laws in this country that legally bind the government to fairly negotiate unceded territory.

Calling FN people terrorists is done to desensitize the public so that the issue never has to be dealt with properly.

Oldschool said...

Why not set up barracades, and charge natives a large fee to come off the reservation and use the Canadian taxpayer funded infrastructure???

Imagine Tory being so arrogant as to enforce the laws of Canada . . . in Canada!!!!

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