Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday Musings

Here are some quick thoughts after a busy week:

- Dalton did well to survive the leaders' debate. Debates are always tough on the party in power and this was no exception.
- I'm still not sure why the debate was so early. The election is still more than two weeks away.
- After going door to door for No MMP in Kingston a couple of times last week, I am quite pleased with the results. Voters seem desperate for any information about the referendum and many are willing to listen to our side of the argument.
- Why is there no debate about the referendum akin to the leaders' debate?
- John Tory's gone negative? What a shock!
- I know Hampton was sick but I stopped watching the debate because I couldn't listen to his bull any longer.
- The Tories want to run a campaign on nuclear power. I don't necessarily disagreee with the policy, but it is not exactly populist politics. Far better that the energy attack came from the right than from the left for the Liberals.

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