Thursday, September 20, 2007

Poster Trouble

A couple of political posters that have caught my eye for mostly the wrong reasons. First up, the new red revolution poster.

Okay, if you haven't heard by now the red revolution is the new YLC campaign to get more youth and have them be more involved etc. First up. Red revolution? Really???? I ain't no dirty communist. Secondly, check out the small print. "Challenge Everything"? Are we kidding? Did we become the NDP? We are a centrist party. We like the status quo, most of the time. We don't like Harper. But everything?

The other poster I can't find an image of. Anyway, it's an Elections Ontario poster. Same theme as those Elections Canada ads where the person is getting their hair cut to someone else's specifications. Except I think Elections Ontario's campaign borders on xenophobia. The recurring message is that other people aren't like you. It has the words "other people" in every line. Something like "Other People don't think like you do, Other People don't share your beliefs." If anyone can find the poster, I'd love not to paraphrase. I just think they've taken it a little too far.


Jason Bo Green said...

Be nice if someone found this other poster you're describing, because you make it sound like a pretty damned good poster encouraging people to express their individual beliefs by voting. I'm afraid I don't get the xenophobia you're talking about from your description.

That YLC poster is just awful.

Jason Bo Green said...

Oh, and YLC is just about as establishment as a student can get, lol. "Challenge absolutely nothing and become a zombie minion of powerful shot-calling lawyers" is more like it.

Andy said...

You mean the Elections Ontario "Vote!" flier that looks like a Trotskyite leaflet?

Andy said...

Does the "challenge everything" start with Dion's continued leadership?

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