Monday, September 10, 2007

Beaches-East York

I guess this riding needs to be renamed after the name change for the area. So I will call it The Beach-East York from now on. Seriously though, another NDP stronghold in east Toronto here's the breakdown.

The incumbent is Michael Prue, a former mayor of the old burough of East York. East York is where the NDP is weakest in neighbouring Toronto-Danforth so having Prue on the ballot serves to marginalize a potential NDP weakness. When you add in the traditional strength of the affluent but left leaning residents of the beach, this riding becomes a cakewalk. The main difference between the riding federally and provincially is probably Prue's appeal in East York and the increased viability of the PC's in the riding splitting the right of centre vote. Thus, Minna wins easily and Prue does too. The riding is notoriously environmentalist and the NDP have a strong enough green message to carry the day here.

Tom Teahen will carry the banner for the Liberals. Teahen is a bureaucrat in the Ministry of Labour with a law background. Local guy, which is always nice. If things go well for the Grits he might give Prue a scare but its not likely.

The Greens have nominated Caroline Law. Here's the local PC riding association's website. If you can find a candidate, all the power to you.

Here's the Star's breakdown of the riding.

Prediction: Safe NDP

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Anonymous said...

Mr Prue is slime.
He won his seat initially by, not so subtly, implying that his Liberal opponent was gay with the help of Marilyn Churlish.
BTW Marilyn choses to call every male politician a "dick".
Now I am prepared to have some fun with Dick and Jane but as we all know referring to someone (male) as a dick has additional connotations other than anatomy. We also know that referring to a womam / girl as a cunt has parallel connotations.
Imagine what the reaction would be if a male politician chose to call a (all?) female politicians cunts
So Marilyn is a cunt and her opponent is a dick. Sounds fair to me.
Now we want MMP to have more cunts in the legislature because dicks are (presumably) bad.
Marilyn, a cunt, missed the boat federally but can't stand to be out of the spotlight so the media lets he have her way with sexist derrogation. What crap!

Changing the channel. I want to know, with documented proof, what Prue did with his salary increase and what he thinks of his leader's, another dick, proposal to role back the salary increase for all those dick and (more) cunts that will be in the legislature after MMP.

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