Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Suggestion

Get David Axelrod out of the White House. Don't get me wrong. I like David Axelrod as a strategist. Heck, what I'm attributing to him might not be his fault. I just have this feeling that after two years spent campaigning for the Presidency, Barack Obama can't get out of campaign mode. He's allergic to fights. Now, he's doing a Western tour through states that will likely be battlegrounds in the next election. The Obama campaign coveted Montana last time around and made what should have been a Republican landslide a tight race. Colorado is key in any re-election bid and Arizona is finally open for political business post-McCain. So I get the trip in the 2012 sense. I don't see how the West is a centre of the health care debate. Like many progressives on both sides of the border I'd like Obama to start kicking some ass and taking some names, particularly in the Democratic caucus. I want the guy that hired Rahm Emmanuel, not the guy who's afraid to stand by a public option for health care. Let 2012 worry about itself. The Republicans have no obvious or even not so obvious candidate. Obama needs to be running on his record in 2012, not have a record of running.

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