Thursday, August 27, 2009

120 Metres

That's the distance from the foot of Bathurst St. in Toronto to the Island Airport. That's the distance a bridge would have spanned before it was killed by Mayor Miller in 2003. That's the distance a pedestrian tunnel will span if all goes according to plan. Who is negatively effected by this? The residents of Ward's Island. All 262 households. Well, at least theoretically negatively effected. Ironically, six years after Mayor Miller thought he had killed the island airport by killing the fixed link, Porter airlines is flourishing and adding flights, seemingly daily. How much more successful Porter would have been with a bridge or will be with the pedestrian tunnel remains up for debate. There is a reason nothing gets done at City Hall; 262 households can hold up progress for an entire city. The Island Airport is good for business, good for reducing traffic and good for the environment. It may negatively impact 262 households. Give me a break.

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