Sunday, August 23, 2009

Future Battlegrounds: Rest Of Ontario

Having dispensed with the GTA and Northern Ontario, we continue our cross-country tour with the rest of Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa. It's a big list but I want to get into Québec. This is still based on my early August projections. If you haven't figured out the format by now, scroll down a bit:

London -- Fanshawe 0.04 NDP-LPC
Ottawa West -- Nepean 1.15 CPC-LPC
Glengarry -- Prescott -- Russell 1.64 CPC-LPC
Hamilton East -- Stoney Creek 1.66 NDP-LPC
Brant 1.72 LPC-CPC
Huron -- Bruce 2.27 LPC-CPC
Essex 2.44 LPC-CPC
Peterborough 2.54 CPC -LPC
Ottawa -- Orléans 2.63 LPC-CPC
Haldimand -- Norfolk 2.96 CPC-LPC
St. Catharines 3.54 CPC-LPC
Burlington 4.17 CPC-LPC
Ottawa -- Centre 5.34 NDP-LPC
Ancaster -- Dundas -- Flamborough -- Westdale 5.95 CPC-LPC
Welland 6.05 LPC-NDP-CPC
London West 6.17 LPC-NDP
Simcoe North 6.79 CPC-LPC
Northumberland -- Quinte West 7.2 CPC-LPC
Niagara Falls 7.53 CPC-LPC
Kitchener -- Conestoga 8.21 CPC-LPC
Chatham - Kent -- Essex 8.36 CPC-LPC
Hamilton Mountain 8.89 NDP-LPC

Not included in this list are projected Liberal gains in Kitchener Centre (11.32 point margin) and Kitchener - Waterloo (13.35 point margin).

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