Friday, August 21, 2009

Is That A Policy I See Before Me?

There are trial balloons, or at least trial balloons for trial balloons, going up about an actual policy of the Liberal Party of Canada under the leadership of Michael Ignatieff. I'm a bit of a sucker for infrastructure, so I like the high-speed rail idea (admittedly getting it cheap enough to be usable is an issue). There's also a fair degree of agreement in Quebec City and Queen's Park that this is a good idea which is nice although it shouldn't really matter since railways are federal jurisdiction. It is about time for Michael Ignatieff to start articulating policy. After all, when this is the list of your writings readily available just online, your opponents don't need politically questionable policy to hit you on. Just a quick random example: I'm guessing someone could make hay from the idea of the United States sending troops to Israel and the Palestinian Territories to enforce a peace. I'd really love an election to be about the future, instead of what my leader said ten years ago. Stephen Harper has no vision for this country and therefore will never articulate substantive policy. Mr. Ignatieff has a vision for this country, albeit an incredibly vague one. It's time for a little bit of concrete or railway ties as the case may be.


Anonymous said...

I want to see an election about Values. Canadian Values. I want someone to stand up and say that the federal government shouldn't be basing money and minister decisions on the whining of a fundamentalist church. I want someone to stand up and say loudly that mandatory sentencing is a STUPID idea and only handcuffs judges -- just ask Robert Latimer. I want someone to stand up and announce that there are no first or second tier Canadians depending on where you were born, or what country you were visiting when trouble started. I want someone to say Loudly that having the CBC makes it so that we don't turn into the US with their preposterous "news" gathering, and we should protect that amazing asset. I want Isotopes, and Science, and Womens Rights, and a real War on Poverty starting with the First Nations. I want international respect, instead of even the Norwegians noticing that Canada is WAY off the rails. High speed rail comes second to that, because if I hear someone telling me that Canada is Back, then I know that decisions will be made for the best interests of all Canadians, and not just those xenophobic, homophobic, science-phobic, misogynist bible thumpers we have in there now.

Quixotique said...

@10:57 Ooh La La. I wish I'd written that.

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