Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Riddle me this...

So the oracle of Halton is declaring that the election will be May 28th. While I agree that Mr. Harper would love to go to the polls at that time, I don't really see how he gets there from here. Mr. Harper doesn't have a majority to work with. Furthermore, he's already said he's going to the polls four years from the previous election unless the opposition forces him to go earlier. So why exactly would all three opposition parties who are down in the polls conspire to bring about their own demise? Don't you think one if not more of the parties will support the Tory budget? First of all, this is going to be prepped as an election budget. Opposing it is going to be difficult. If the Quebec polls hold, this will in all likelihood be the PQ's worst election in thirty years, surely the Bloc is not going to think that is a good time to go to the polls. The Liberals (or at least I) would much rather have Dion go on the barbecue circuit this summer and go to the polls with better numbers in the fall. As for the NDP, did you see the puppets? Elizabeth May has them scared, really scared. They don't want to go any time soon. So how does Harper bring down the government? Does he start the election campaign by breaking yet another promise? To me, the issue he could have gone on is already been voted on. He could have made the anti-terrorism bill a confidence issue and force the opposition's hand that way. I don't see what wedge he's going to find to bring himself down on. I feel like I'm missing something here. Please help me out.


Jay said...

The Liberal Kyoto bill once it makes its way back to Parliament will trigger the election. It will be a confidence vote since Kyoto implementation requires money.

That is why there is a flurry of announcements and industry keeps saying what people want to hear. They are saying they want to be regulated (intensity based emissions cutting, of course) and CEO's wants to be green. With all this in the media, the average voter will see Kyoto as being unnecessary and costly.

Of course, we will move nowhere on the environment but that's the plan with this "new" government.

dougie said...

Seriously,Garth can tell the future?Maybe he should be selling lucky numbers to lotto players instead of acting as a red painted street walker.I agree with you,there will be no election until the BBQ season is over.One of the other partys will prostitute themselves on the budget,the grits can vote against,and Dion gets a chance to learn to express himself by taking an ESL course during the summer.

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