Wednesday, March 28, 2007

McGuinty Shows Courage

Ontario has a garbage problem. Well, Toronto has a garbage problem and when Toronto has a problem, everyone has a problem. Ontario also has an energy problem. Lo and behold, a politician has put two and two together. Incineration is an excellent idea. However, it is not an easy sell. From all indications, if done correctly garbage can be burnt with very little environmental damage. My beloved MPP (I'm sorry, I have a personal issue with Tabuns) who is quoted in the article above may not believe so, but it can. It's funny how little the NDP who claims to be progressive believes in progress. Technologies change and improve. The depressing thing is that my neighbours in Toronto-Danforth will agree with Mr. Tabuns. The NDP has scared them half to death with all the fear-mongering done about the building of the natural gas plant. If they say incineration and there will be old Greek ladies having heart attacks. With the NDP gaining strength in Toronto this was a dangerous position for the premier to take. Also, Toronto does about all the waste diversion you can do. We do a lot more in the Big Smoke than they do here in Sweden, I'll tell you that much. Trucking the garbage to Michigan or half way across the province to ruin the soil in some landfill is not any better for the environment. All those who say that Liberals are only about getting elected should take a good hard look at this one. The Liberal Party, okay, my vision of the Liberal Party is about doing the right thing at the right time. McGuinty has nailed it on the head with this one.

Quick side note: My beef with Tabuns stems from when I met him during the last by-election. I answered the door at my parents house (where I'm registered to vote) and Tabuns immediately asked for my parents. Okay, I was only 19 at the time but he has a voters list with him. There are four voters in the house including two males. Maybe there are university students in the house? The NDP is supposed to be the party of youth. I wouldn't have been offended had he asked if I was old enough to vote. However, I have no respect for someone who doesn't bother to ask for my vote when they're talking to me.


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