Friday, March 16, 2007

Does Racist Cokehead Offend You in Either Language M. Boisclair?

So I said in my last post that Boisclair seemed to have avoided falling on his face in the debate. Well, he has followed up that performance by promptly falling on his face. His comments about Asian-Canadians is offensive and unacceptable. His defense that the comments aren't offensive in French is absurd in it is so pathetic. M. Boisclair should apologize. While I am happy to see the PQ doing so horribly, I cannot feel right about federalism gaining because of racism. M. Boisclair, with all due respect, you are an idiot. In either language.


Loraine Lamontagne said...

With all due respect, you're wrong on this one. I could eat separatists for breakfast but I assure you that in the French language 'yeux bridés' is not derogatory or pejorative. It can be found often in French literature and mostly as a compliment, as attractive. Focus on something else, perhaps Boisclair's declaration that he would still want to hold a referendum if he headed aminority government.

Dr.Dawg said...

Hear, hear. Some ruminations at my place. We have to be careful of making judgements when we are crossing cultural boundaries, but there's even more to all this. My bottom line? Boisclair gets a pass. I think.

Anonymous said...

I am an Asian American visiting Montreal and I'm dumbfounded at the racism and insensitivity tolerated here. Boisclair's comments were unvarnished racism and he is so absolutely thickheaded that he has no idea how he comes across. Do the two commenters above mean to say if there was a term in French referring to those of African origin that meant "thick fat lips" or "nappy hair" that would be acceptable too? Incroyable!

M. Trudel said...

I'm offended by your bias on this question. Racism is an awful phenomenon and you're undermining every victim of real racism by making association with André Boisclair. May be this guy is an evil for you because he's a sovereigntist, but I'm really sorry to disappoint you but this guy is not a racist. Please don't use racism as an argument. This question is too important to be used against the people who don't agree with you.
The use of les yeux bridés is not derogatory. But the translation used but Canadian Press is something else, and I'm really not competent to appreciate this one.

Anonymous said...

While I consider Mr. Boisclair to be a reationary neo-liberal (If you sign the Clear-Eyed Quebec Manifesto, you're probably about as far left on economic issues as Stephen Harper) who distinguishes himself from his opponents primarily by snorting blow instead of having buddies in opus dei or spending 4 years mangling Quebec Mike Harris-style, I really don't consider this sort of English-Canadian imperialism to be fair and must most strongly condemn the media for showing its Pelquiste-LPC bias by translating an innocent remark in a way that unfairly slanders Mr. Boisclair. Furthermore, since there are many legitimate reasons to slander the man in question, creating new ones is an exercise in redundancy.

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