Wednesday, March 14, 2007

National Politics

And by national, I mean the only recognized political nation in the country, Quebec. I haven't had a chance to watch the leader's debate from last night. I intend to and will post more substantively on it later. Just a few things from what the reports that I've heard.
  • Dumont seems to be garnering most of the press with his claims about the bridge collapse. I can't decide whether or not this story has legs. It seems like the Charest government knew there was a problem but had no proposals from the responsible agencies on how to fix it. The optics may be more damaging then anything else.
  • Boisclair didn't fall on his face. This is important. He might get a similar bounce to the one enjoyed by his fellow cocaine user, George W. Bush after his debate with Al Gore. People expected so little after the start of his campaign that a mediocre performance may work wonders for him.
  • With Charest's performance neither here nor there, I think Boisclair might be the surprise winner when the post-debate polls come out.

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Loraine Lamontagne said...

Dumont was waving this memo like Pallister his $1.29 gum receipt. In this case, Quebecers appear to be smarter than the average Canadian - at least I hope so.

Regarding your 'only political nation', I would really like it if someone in the HoC would ask our PM, in French, 'Reconnaissez-vous l'existence de la nation canadienne?' I would love to hear his answer.

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