Sunday, March 04, 2007

You Say You Want A Revolution?

It has been my long held belief that two of the most important provinces in Canada were long overdue for political revolution. Both provinces have a history of massive political and social change and thus are more susceptible then other provinces. These provinces are Alberta and Quebec. The chances of political change in Alberta are currently poor. However, we may be witnessing the start of a political revolution in la belle provence. Recent polls (these are in an election campaign so they matter) have placed the ADQ within striking distance of the PQ and PLQ. This combined with the election of 10 Conservative MP's in Quebec in the 2006 election shows a definite trend. The trend seems to be a massive swing to a) the right and/or b) soft nationalism within the province. I'd tend to think its the latter. Quebecois are angry with Liberals both provincially and federally. They are growing tired of wasting their votes on the Bloc nationally and are appalled by the leadership of Bernard Landry and now Andre Boisclair, provincially. In other words, the old options have grown stale. The time is ripe for massive political change. Whether or not Mario Dumont's ADQ is the vessel for this revolution is the only real question left. If not, we may have to wait a little while before seeing the full consequences of this sea change.

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