Wednesday, August 22, 2007

St. Paul's and Toronto Centre

I am going to try to start with ridings that are easy to call and these two foot the bill:

St. Paul's: This is one of those seats that makes people call this city Fortress Toronto. This is dyed in the wool Liberal territory. The seat is of course held by Attorney General Michael Bryant. The Tories are all excited about their candidate here: Lilyann Goldstein. Forgive me for not believing the hype. I remember 18 months ago when the Tories were all excited about a candidate in St. Paul's. That was Peter Kent and he got slaughtered by Carolyn Bennett. Bryant is every bit as popular in the riding as Bennett and I would expect the same results. There might be a lot of lawn signs out for Goldstein and people might start thinking that this will be close. However, when push comes to shove the working class parts of the ridings (all those apartments on Davisville and Baliol, for instance) will give Bryant a landslide win. The NDP has renominated Julien Heller their candidate from 2003 to take it on the chin in this one.

Prediction: Safe Liberal

Toronto Centre: Okay, so all those people who think Rosedale is going to kick George Smitherman out of office have never actually been around Toronto-Centre. The Minister of Health will waltz to victory on the strength of his popularity in high density areas like St. James' Town and Regent Park. I don't even need to mention his natural appeal at Church and Wellesley. Pamela Taylor will attract the Rosedale vote for the Tories. Those mad about the placement of the new power plant in the riding can protest by voting for the NDP's Sandra Gonzales or the Green Party's Mike McLean. I know Smitherman's first victory here was close, but that was a long time ago. The man is now a household name and high profile minister.

Prediction: Safe Liberal

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Jim91 said...

A good resource is Ontario Tenants Rights.

They have a copy of the Residential Tenancies Act and even a page for Toronto Apartments.

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