Wednesday, August 15, 2007

K-Hitch Gets One Right

I don't usually agree with the head of my esteemed university. However, Karen Hitchcock the President of Queen's University finally got one right in denouncing the proposed boycott of Israeli academics by British universities. Opposition to her decision comes from Prof. Pappano. I can't say I am surprised. I had Prof. Pappano for 1st year lit. She tried to bring a feminist perspective to The Iliad among other strange decisions. Basically, all she seemed to understand well was medieval feminist literature. She should stick to that.

Israeli academics should not pay the price for their country's sins. The idea that somehow an academic boycott would rattle the Israeli government in any way shape or form is ludicrous. If we are going to start boycotting countries why don't the academics start with China for their human rights abuses? However, academics are best served when there is the widest possible range of ideas. Unless you can prove that a professor or university is teaching hatred, there is no reason to boycott. Disagreeing with the country's politics is certainly not grounds for a boycott.

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