Tuesday, August 14, 2007

10 MP's We Should Target in the Next Election

It's summer. Harper's changing his cabinet. I couldn't care less about the Tory deck chairs. I care a lot more about getting less chairs on the Tory deck. Therefore, for your silly season consideration, here are the All Politics is Local ten MP's that deserve the boot in the next election:

10. Nina Grewal: Why should you defeat Nina Grewal? Well, if anyone can give me a reason to keep Nina Grewal (and I don't want to hear that she's a female minority) I might reconsider. Grewal has been a very expensive seat warmer since her entry into the house in 2004. A couple of law and order bills aside, Grewal has been an invisible visible minority in the Conservative caucus. Come on Fleetwood-Port Kells, you can do better.

9. Pierre Poilievre: Ah, the Anglo that pretends he's a Francophone. The young member from Nepean-Carelton has had lots of fun playing MP (Look for the Mercer Report thing on him) and slandering the Liberal party. However, I think its time for this reportedly hardworking MP to work elsewhere. I usually like good constituent guys, but not this one. From flipping people off in the house to claiming the Liberals support Hezbollah, Poilievre has been a standout for his immaturity. That's not an easy task in parliament! For making Peter Milliken even more of a kindergarten teacher, M. Poilivre has got to go.

8. Wajid Khan: I respect a politician's right to cross the floor. However, Khan's reasons seem to boil down to an all-expenses paid luxury trip to the Middle East. I will say this for the former (and hopefully future) used car salsesman: that's a heck of a deal. Now, if only the people could hear is no doubt insightful thoughts on Middle Eastern politics. Damn, I can't hear anything over the crickets.

7. Rob Anders: The man who once called Nelson Mandela a "communist" and a "terrorist" is probably safe. However, that doesn't mean we can't at least try to pry him out of the house. The MP for Calgary West is just an embarassment. He voted with the Bloc on a bill that would have allowed the Quebecois nation the right to withdraw from any federal inititiative. Yikes!

6. Joe Volpe: What you thought I wouldn't put a Grit on the list? I'm a partisan but I wouldn't shed a lot of tears if Volpe got the heave-ho. For raising the dead and making them vote Liberal, Volpe deserves the Lieberman treatment. On rare occasions, fratricide is justified. The MP for Eglinton-Lawrence represents all that is wrong with the Liberal Party. Don't call it a coup, call it a purge.

5. Olivia Chow: Chow is drawn to cameras like a moth to a flame. If there is a cause celebre for the MP from Trinity-Spadina to attatch her name to, she'll do it. I really don't have the words to describe my aversion to Ms. Chow.

4. Peter McKay: McKay has had a remarkable political career. He is the last leader of the party of John A. Macdonald. He agreed to merge his party with the Canadian Alliance after promising David Orchard the opposite in order to win his nomination. He has since been a fairly invisible (outside of his reported affair with Condi) Minister of Foreign Affairs. The Liberals are letting Green leader Elizabeth May have a run at him in the next election. I don't understand why we don't try to take him down ourselves.

3. Jim Flaherty: The man who wanted to lock up the homeless in Ontario is now widely considered one of Harper's best cabinet ministers. This doesn't change Flaherty's extreme right wing politics and insufferable arrogance. Jim gets the boot.

2. Jack Layton: Jack likes to make deals. He's willing to work with anyone: Paul Martin, Stephen Harper, the Taliban. It doesn't really matter to Jack. All that matters to my MP from Toronto-Danforth is that he can look like he's doing something. My distaste for Layton however stems from the fact that he plays up his local roots while not living in the riding. The day Jack Layton votes for Jack Layton, I'll reconsider my position on him.

1. David Emerson: Who else? Okay, as I said earlier I don't actually object to floor crossing if it's principled. However, Emerson's morning after bed switch was a little much. Any thought that Emerson just wanted to keep fighting for Canada were dispelled when he accepted a softwood deal that failed to get Canadian businesses their money back. No one expects Emerson to get re-elected in Vancouver and let us all hope they are right.


Blogging Horse said...

While we are at it, how about these:

1) Liberal MP Maurizio Bevilacqua who is on record in favour of scrapping the Cdn dollar in favour of the US one?

2) Liberal MP Keith Martin who is further to the right of Harper in promoting private delivery of health care?

3) Liberal MP Garth Turner whose leadership platform against Kim Campbell was described as out-Reforming the then-Reform Party?

These three, just like Emerson, Khan and Comuzzi before them, show that there are plenty of Liberal MPs who progressives should want to see defeated.

northwestern_lad said...

a Liberal giving Jack Layton heck for making deals???? That's rich... At least Jack does what he can to work with others and try to come up with positive solutions. At least Jack does his work with others in the light of day, unlike the Liberals who like to do theirs behind closed doors.

As for the Taliban, Jack is asking the questions that the Liberals should have been asking all along about the safety of our troops. If you have a problem looking out for our troops (who don't have the luxury to choose where they go and when), then maybe you should run on that idea and see how far you get.

Anonymous said...

In other news another Liberal is caught stealing!

Dan McKenzie said...

Add Rod Bruinooge to your list. The guy's a clown and we've got a good candidate going up against him. Plus he only won by a hundred votes last time.

Tim Webster said...

Please include:
Maurice Vellacott the Conservative MP for Saskatoon—Wanuskewin. During the 2006 federal election he was an opportunist in some very shady election campaigning.

Aboriginal groups were upset by his appointment into the Conservative cabinet overseeing aboriginal affairs. And for good reason it was later soon. Shortly afterwards he shows his complete ignorance and self righteousness, denying the Supreme Court of Canada's its roll to interpret law and suggesting the undermining of the independence of the judiciary system. McLachlin the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court needed to rebuke him, the independence of the judiciary is essential in good governance, preventing political and legal corruption. But even today he has his head in the sand claiming did no wrong.

rob said...

I went to an election debate that Nina Grewal attended, and she read from sheets printed out from the Conservative Party website.

The WHOLE time.

Browners Blog said...

Like your stuff but we need to add Comuzzi in Thunder Bay - Superior North and Rod Bruinooge in winnipeg South..both ridings we shuld win back!!

Anonymous said...

Jack Layton better watch his back - Mulcair in going to stab him. If Mulcair wins his riding he'll want to become leader, no ifs ands about it.

Layton should go anyway - his rhetoric/policies, etc. are extremely stale - 70's era.

Another jackass is Dewar - he's go to go.

Fortier has to go as well - he's dangerous for Canada. When is he going to run? There's been plenty of opportunity to do so.

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