Saturday, November 18, 2006

The World Will Get Hotter

That is the only conclusion I can reach at the end of the Nairobi talks on climate change. Aside from the ridiculous decision to put the issue on the back burner until 2008, the conference perpetuated the single largest flaw of the Kyoto protocol. According to

" China received assurances that future meetings would not result in mandatory emissions cutbacks for developing nations."

This means that the world's emissions are not going to go down. If developing nations like China and India are not brought into the fight against global warming it is doomed to fail. The West can fight as hard as it wants, it will be to no avail. China's exclusion also perpetuates American criticisms of the environmental regime and significantly reduces any chance of bringing reticent nations like the US and Australia into the fold. Canada may have drawn the most criticism, but the entire Nairobi conference gets an F in my book.

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