Monday, November 27, 2006

Glen Pearson Elected in London North Centre

At 9:45 pm Eastern Standard Time (3:45 am where I am, no I really don't sleep), All Politics is Local is prepared to call the by-election races.

In Repentigny: Shocker! Raymond Gravel (BQ) will go to Ottawa. With about 45% of the results in, Gravel has earned 67.1% of the vote almost a full 50 points higher than his nearest opponent. Bad news for the Grits in Quebec. Liberal Christian Turenne currently sits 4th, behind the NDP.

In London North Centre: Glen Pearson (L) is elected. With about 85% of the results in, Pearson has an 8 point lead on Green Party leader Elizabeth May. Now, can all the "Liberals" who have been cheering for the Greens, get back to being Liberals, please? This is bad news for people who wanted the Greens to gain some credibility in the eyes of the mainstream media. Let's review all that went right for the Greens:
  1. They had their newly minted leader running.
  2. They were facing a Liberal Party which is much more concerned with their leadership race then by-elections.
  3. The Conservatives brought in a star candidate and split the vote
  4. The NDP wasn't very strong and thus didn't dilute the environment vote
  5. The Liberal candidate got no press coverage
  6. It's unseasonably warm in London
What more do you want?!?!?! Sorry, no national debates. Not until the Greens can win when a riding is handed to them on a silver platter.

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Scott Tribe said...

I disagree - this is a great result for the Greens. This was a solid Liberal riding, and for a party that has had no history in the riding and started from scratch here... this is an amazing result for them.

The Toronto Star this AM said even if the Greens ended up finishing 2nd, it would be a "stunning" result. Well.. be stunned... the Greens are here.. and May has shown she has a way to draw voters, and that she possibly will provide coattails for her party at the next federal election.

I for one welcome another progressive party on the scene.

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