Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Woman Two Heartbeats Away from the Presidency

The Democrats appear to have won back the House of Representatives in the land of the free. This makes Nancy Pelosi the Speaker of the House and subsequently the person third in the presidential succession. This isn't really all that important except that its the highest a woman has ever been in the presidential succession order. In other woman as presdient news, Hillary Clinton rolled over Republican x in her coronation for the US Senate seat in New York. The former first lady can now devote her attention full time to a possible (ok, probable) White House run in 2008. Possible Republican presidential candidate on the other hand George Allen appears to be done. Even if he somehow beats James Webb in his reelection bid(which seems unlikely at this hour), his hopes are, well, stuck in macaca. Rick Santorum's (R) future ambitions have also been quashed by his humiliating defeat to Bob Casey Jr. (D). In other midterm news, two foreign born governors were easily reelected. In California, Ahnold rolled over Phil Angelides and in Michigan, Canadian born Gov. Granholm cruised past her Republican opponent.

Only one comment on the polls regarding the leadership convention. I was surprised to see Stephane Dion's poor showing in delegates who plan on attending the convention. After all, the convention is being held in Quebec where Dion got most of his support. There were bloggers who speculated that Kennedy would be hurt when his delegates from the rest of the country failed to show up, apparently geography is less important than it used to be. Kennedy came first in delegates who plan to attend.

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Saskboy said...

Not knowing Pelosi very well, I'd have to still say I'd prefer her to Hillary as president. If only for the fact that if Hillary wins, then America will have been ruled by either Bushes or Clintons for 24 years+.

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