Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Good News Everyone!

I don't usually do cheerleading stuff for the Kennedy campaign, but this story I like. I met John through a mutual friend this summer and spent a few hours with him distributing literature for his council run. At that time, he was a dyed in the wool Iggy supporter. In spite of this, he was clearly a very smart young man. I am happy to hear that he has seen the light, and decided to join the Kennedy campaign. He is a great addition to any team. Hopefully, he will bring some of his Iggy people with him. It is just one delegate but he moved in the right direction. It makes you wonder exactly how loyal the rest of Iggy's delegates are? Anyway, congrats to John Laforet and the Kennedy Scarborough crew that undoubtedly helped him make the decision.


Anonymous said...

game ready"? - I think that was originally Rae's line.

Problem is - this is not a game, it's for real.

Kennedy may have a good future, but he just isn't ready yet.

He sounds a little Harper like in some of his views and his views are rather "ordinary" with no real depth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:57:

You're so wrong!

The media has practically ignored him, but you can read about his policies on his website. I promise you, they have depth.

Kennedy IS ready, he not only has a gr8 future, but a gr8 PRESENT! He is the man we need to lead the party and the country NOW.

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