Friday, November 03, 2006

Thoughts after a Halloween Snow

It snowed on Halloween here in Lund. This made me happy and sad at the same time. Anyhoo, the course work is done for a little while so back to the blogosphere

  • I know nothing about income trusts. I think this puts me in the same group as 99% of Canadians. I can see a flip-flop when I see one. Good or bad policy, I can't say. I can say that they should have stuck with the decision they made.
  • Why is it that the federal Tories are bad at not creating taxes? I don't remember the last Liberal tax hike federally. Here we have a tax-hike that sends the market into a tailspin. Aren't they supposed to be the business guys?
  • David Miller will win the mayoral election in Toronto in spite of:
    • Inaction on the issue of the last election: garbage
    • A failed expo bid
    • A horrible decision on the island airport that is bad for the economy and the environment
    • A budget mess
    • 58% of people thinking its time for a change
    • Complete bungling of TTC negotiations by his buddy Howard Moscoe
  • This is evidence enough for me that municipal politics need some serious electoral reform
  • The Liberal leadership is mercifully almost over. Nothing new to report. Go ground war go!

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