Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Afghanistan Run-Off Vote 2009?

It is downright depressing watching the "election" process in Afghanistan. The unbelievably high level of fraud is embarrassing for everyone involved. If the numbers are accurate, there should be a run-off. The constitution demands it. The security on the ground makes it less likely. 1 million invalid votes out of 5.5 million cast. Why are we believing the results are close to accurate? How can we guarantee Karzai and Abdullah are even the top two candidates? Fraud that systemic throws into question every ballot "cast". Canadian soldiers are risking their lives to help these politicians cheat their people. Enough is enough. Get our brave men and women home.

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CanadianSense said...

A large number of countries have put their citizens in harms way hoping to replace the corrupt leadership.

I don't think the MSM is balanced in covering our role. The cost and security to measure the support for troops and a "new way" is not the narrative.

What does this mean to Nato or Canada if we prop up or fail to prop up a failed election?

What is the cost, have we helped improve the lives, will those billions spent, blood spilled make a difference?

What does Nato stand for anymore it own members refuse to find a consensus to find a solution.

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