Monday, January 29, 2007


Would everyone take about five minutes and calm down. These Conservative ads do not warrant a full scale war. The Tories would love the Liberal Party to spend what little money it has fighting a pre-election air war. Don't give them the satisfaction. By the looks of these ads, they spent about five dollars on production. They're going to splash them on the Super Bowl against ads that have good production values. Why make such stupid and anemic ads? In hopes that the Liberals will retaliate. Let's keep our powder dry. We can laugh off these pathetic attacks. We're better than this. If Harper wants to act like he's the leader of the official opposition, let's act like a government. Let's laugh it off and get on with trying to conduct the people's business. If Harper thinks he can win an election in 2007 on broken promises from 1993, he's in for a big surprise. Let's have some faith in Canadians and in our own campaign. Let's go positive. Let's win the right way.


HearHere said...

I agree. Paul Martin ran 5 versions of Harper attack ads, in fact the theme was "How Scary is Stephen Harper?" several months before the election writ was dropped in 2004, right after Harper won the party leadership.

Don't ya'll remember? The Harper scary ad campaign linked to a Harper said website and all of the Liberal householders and newsletters echoed the campaign. Remember the close up of Harper's eyes?
The entire campaign was BEFORE any election and timed right after Harper bacame leader.
Hate to say it but it worked so well that people still say "Harper is scary" without even knowing why.
So, this is all fair game in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

We know why Harper is scary.


lance said...

Yeah Gayle, sure.

That's why Macleans has this on their front page, eh?

That's why the polls are indicating that the CPC is practically at the same level as the election?

Seems to me that your royal 'we' is a little misplaced.


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