Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Crystal Ball: 2007 Edition

A mere 9 days into 2007 and I am officially prepared to make the All Politics is Local predictions. With thanks to PM King's dog and mother and apologies to Nostradamus, here are my predictions for the new year:

On election timing:

Separatist winds blow with the march lamb
Charest's loss makes harper go damn
waits till after Ontario squabble
national election with the American gobble

On the War in Iraq:

Bush calls for an increase in boots
pisses off republican roots
leave in boots; come back in coffins
4000 dead by champagne poppin'

On the Federal Election:

Warmer weather leaves voters cold
Bloc's campaign looks tired and old
Dion moves forward, Harper back
not sure if either one will pack

On the Ontario Election:

A promise made, a promise broken
that's Tory's campaign slogan
Mr. Nice Guy can't play mean
McGuinty squeaks by; unclean

On the Ontario Referendum:

Assembly chooses complexity: MMP
a bad decision for Ontario says me
voters left confused and split
60 no but 50% hit

On the Super Bowl:

LT leads Schottenheimer's charge
past the Colts' Volunteer sarge
then over the Bears killer D
41 leaves San Diego with glee

On the Stanley Cup:

Sabres! Ducks! the hoardes proclaim!
Miller loses crucial game
Pronger hurt no Ducks in sight
Wings over Devils on the fifth night

On the Middle East:

Hamas and Fatah fight for clout
Hamas wins; Abbas is out
Israelis go their own way
blood runs red many a day

On the 08 Primary Races:

Clinton, Obama in; Gore says no
Giuliani a strange no-show
McCain campaign stalls in first gear
both nominations quite unclear

Yeah, I don't have the balls to call the federal election yet. I think it will be one of the closest in Canadian history. I will make a prediction when the event actually occurs. The Dog says beware sheep dogs in wolf hound's clothing. Whatever that means. I'll try to keep this updated as events unfold as to how well I do.

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