Saturday, January 27, 2007

Citizens Assembly

The deadline for submitting a suggestion to Ontario's Citizens' Assembly on Electoral Reform is January 31st. I was reluctant to submit anything because I really think the entire idea of a citizens' assembly is a cop-out by the Ontario legislature. We pay MPP's to make hard decisions. This should have been done by a legislative committee with the same kind of public consultation that is now going on. However, since this is the way this process is working, I decided to submit my argument for a majoritarian run-off system. This system is not even on the radar but I view it as the best way to improve proportionality while maintaining local accountability and representation. Really, I did this so that I can justify complaining when they choose a system that will ruin our democracy. Anyway the link to my submission is here if anyone cares.

Quick Note: I updated my "Race for the Exits 2008" posts. The candidates names are now linked to official websites, draft websites, or Wikipedia entries depending on availability.

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