Friday, January 12, 2007

Back to the Era of Discontent

A couple stories over on Liblogs that caught my eye.
  1. The Greens are at 11% in Environics' latest poll and their gains seem to be coming at the expense of the NDP
  2. Apparently yet another Western protest party is sprouting in wild rose country
They seem to be expressing the same sentiment: the parties today aren't doing it. Dion needs to get out there and scream climate change at every opportunity until there's snow in Toronto. The second story probably means absolutely nothing. After all, the Western Bloc Party didn't exactly set fires last time out. This is about the worst news the NDP could receive in a non-election poll. The last thing the NDP needs is for their vote to get split by the Greens and apparently that's exactly what is happening. Maybe its time for the Jack-in-the-box to change tactics. Maybe cozying up to the Tories isn't good for the base. What a shock.

Elizabeth May has done her party well. Might I note that she has done it by going back to the party's environmental roots. She seems to be steering clear of the conservatism of Jim Harris and also away from the Green's second main issue: electoral reform. I think people are a little sick of hearing that a party with millions in federal funding can't win one measly seat. Especially, when a shock-jock in Quebec wins by a landslide. And no, a good poll does not mean May should be in the debate. The only poll that matters is on election day. Until the Greens win a seat, they don't belong in the debate.

oh yeah... one more M.P. we don't need is leaving the Liberal caucus... happy trails M. Lapierre!

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