Saturday, October 14, 2006

Some thoughts

  • Watching the bickering going on between the Rae and Ignatieff camps over delegates in BC would be extremely disconcerting. It would be if either Rae or Ignatieff was young enough to make another run at the leadership. This means that we can't have another Chretien/Martin fight for thirteen years.
  • Martha Hall-Findlay might matter after all. With Kennedy and Dion currently separated by 25 delegates, Hall-Findlay 42 delegates could play a crucial role in determining which one of the non-establishment candidates sees the third ballot. This would be particularly true if Dryden and Brison endorse Iggy or Rae.
  • I've updated my projections page with the riding by riding results on it. Still very little riding info available from Quebec so the totals are skewed accordingly.
  • I don't really understand the Iggy camp's claims about the BC delegates. You can remove the delegates who were improperly signed up, but those spots still belong to Rae. There was a reason you just didn't vote for delegates under banners. While this does raise an issue about delegates actually representing the people that voted for them, the system does not disallow it. Also, a similar problem exists in elections where candidates don't have to live in the riding where they are running.
  • Anyone have an idea how Western involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan ends without cutting and running? I'm stumped.


Winnipeg Liberal said...

Kennedy and Dion have joined the appeal.

Winnipeg Liberal said...

A follow-up...

Steve Janke was blogging about this a week before the MSM picked up the story. He points out that the rules don't appear to let the party appoint replacement delegates when the original delegates are disqualified.

It appears Dion, Kennedy and Ignatieff are asking the party to abide by the rules. The Rae camp wants the party to bend the rules.

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