Tuesday, October 24, 2006

By-Election Fun

Two by-elections have been called for the end of November, days before the Liberal Leadership convention. One's in London North Centre the other in Repentigny. Quick thoughts:
  • There have been questions as to whether or not GK, MHF or Bob Rae should run in London North Centre. One thing I don't think has been said yet. Let's say Rae runs and wins in London North Centre and Kennedy wins the leadership or vice versa. What exactly would that accomplish? There's no need for either to get into parliament before the next election which will in all likelihood in 2007.
  • The new leader of the Greens is running in the riding. There are those like this blogger are calling for the Grits and Dippers to step aside and the let the Greens go after the Conservative nutbar who's running there. This would be incredibly stupid. The Greens garnered all of 5.5% in the last election in London North Centre. How they get ahead of the Tories, even without any other candidates, is beyond me. The Grits need to run a strong local London candidate to knock off the Tory nutbar. May or no May.
  • Over in Repentigny, the Tories are getting heat for not putting up Sen. Michael Fortier as their candidate. I understand that ideologically the Tories should have their cabinet elected, but running in Repentigny would be suicide. The Bloc won the riding with 62.4% of the vote and nothing indicates that either the Tories or the Grits have a prayer here. Fortier should have run in a winnable riding in the last election, getting killed in a race now would prove nothing.

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Saskboy said...

You're missing the point. If the NDP and Liberals agreed to save their campaign money, and put it toward a race that matters for them, they'd be ahead, and there's no way an NDP voter would go Conservative, and many/most Liberals would support May too. There are bound to be Conservative voters who will support May in this byelection too.

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