Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Green Turner?

There are rumours that the former Tory Garth Turner may join the Greens. There are people enthusiastically wishing him to do just that. I do not. First of all, I think the Greens are a joke, until they can elect their own MP's they don't deserve a seat in the house. The Reform Party won a by-election to get national attention in 1993. The Bloc Quebecois when it formed was a fairly large group of MP's not one lone wolf. Turner would just waste media attention on whether or not the Greens should be in the debate and if the Greens get in, waste debate time for a party that won't win party status and probably not a single seat. And now, Gilles Duceppe will debate Elizabeth May on the subject of fiscal responsibility! Be still my heart! You thought the Dryden, Volpe, Hall Findlay was boring!

If Garth Turner seeks re-election, odds are the Liberals will take back Halton. After all, Turner beat Gary Carr in the last election by three points. If the Tories field a candidate to run against Turner as a Green, the vote split will give the Grits the riding. The Greens only add 5.6% to the now split Tory pie. This would mean that either Turner or the Tories would only have to take about 10% of the vote to give the seat to the Liberals. The election would look a lot like the election in Churchill in the last election where sitting MP Bev Desjarlais, expelled by the NDP, split the vote with the NDP candidate Christina Ashton and gave Liberal Tina Keeper the seat:

2006 Election Results for Churchill (MB)
Keeper: 40.2%
Ashton: 28.4%
Desjarlais: 17.2%
Ahmad (C): 11.6%
Fountain (G) 1.6%

I hope Turner runs, we could use Halton.


Scott Tribe said...

Au Contraire:

The Greens would be perfect for Turner. Turner would be perfect for the Greens. He gives the "Blue Greens" and the "Red Tories" the party they can go vote for if they are disgusted with the conservatives but cant bring it upon themselves to vote Liberal or NDP.

Sally said...

Funny. I often wonder how someone could call the Greens a joke when our two major national parties are jokes to the power of infinity-and unfit to govern in my opinion. Both parties are too caught up in being drunk with power that they forget why they are there in the first place. I am sick of voting for the lesser of two evils. Thus if Garthy-poo does end up a Green, it will be a foot in the door. Whether or not he wins an election is not the point. The notion that the Green party isn't a serious political force is exactly the mentality that ends up excluding 4% of Canadians having their voices heard in parliament.

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