Sunday, October 01, 2006

Riding by Riding results

While democraticSPACE is doing a great job trying to assemble the list himself, I've got some more info. All of it, except for a couple, is out there somewhere in the blogosphere. So I'll report the results that I don't think are out there or aren't very visible. To answer all questions, yes, I pay way too much attention. I'm just a bit of stats junky.

  • If you look at the comments under Western Grit's post on Calgary SE and SW you'll find an incomplete result for Calgary Nosehill.
  • The first result in according democraticSPACE was 4 delegates from NL. There's only one club that I know of that has 4 delegates on the rock: Memorial University. Meaning Memorial went 3 Ignatieff, 1 Kennedy.
  • Friday's only Saskatchewan contributions came from Prince Albert and Cypress-Hills Grasslands. This means that the two ridings went: Dion 10, Brison 6, Iggy 5, Rae 5, Kennedy 1, Dryden 1. Don't know how that split but you get the picture.
Anyway, I will try to get all results up on my predictions/results page as soon as my internet connection/google spreadsheets cooperates.

In response to comments on my last post. I don't think that Kennedy's poor showing in Quebec disqualifies him. I do believe that many delegates will have Kennedy's poor performance there on their mind when the Kennedy campaign calls looking for second ballot support. The Dion camp though should be very worried. The fact that Kennedy is nearly tied with Dion (at time of posting) in spite of his lack of Quebec support should worry them.

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