Sunday, October 15, 2006

Quick Note

Number of Fatalaties on September 11th 2001: 2973
Number of Coalition fatalities in Afghanistan and Iraq: 3498

So, do we just choose who dies at the hand of terrorists?

Yes, I know Saddam Hussein was not related to 9/11; even if you take out the casualties caused in the first couple of months of the Iraq war, the numbers are still pretty darn shocking. Also, it is doubtful that there would have ever been an Iraq war without 9/11.

We need a real plan for combatting terror and fast!

I'll post on the debate when I get a chance to see it. It is difficult with the time change and a poor internet connection to watch the debate in Sweden. I will say that from what I've read that Martha's comment on the Iggy/Rae tussle seems to be the most pertinent. We need good ideas not good one-liners.

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