Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Outremont and the LPC

I've watched the farce going on in Outremont with a sort of masochistic fascination. The good news and the take away should be that a) the candidate the Liberals in Outremont seem to want (Martin Cauchon) will be the candidate and b) the guy who wanted (Denis Coderre) to obstruct the people's voice has resigned as Québec lieutenant. One news report breathlessly claimed Coderre was taking top advisers with him. Where exactly is he taking them? By all reports, Coderre will seek re-election in his riding of Bourassa which last time I checked was in the province of Québec. He will continue to sit in the Liberal caucus. So is he taking the brain trust with him onto the campaign trail for the PLC(Q) in Québec? Give me a break. The media has had forty years to fall in love with the "Liberal in-fighting" story and this is about as close as they've been able to get under Ignatieff. The reality remains that the party is remarkably united. Even most people (like me) who opposed Mr. Ignatieff's ascension to leadership have resigned themselves to his leadership. There are no rival camps plotting his demise. If Coderre ended up on the wrong side of a nomination battle and therefore felt undermined, so be it. It doesn't mean the party is divided. After all, the truly aggrieved party (or the one that theoretically should be) is by all reports so angry, she's running for the Liberals in another Québec riding. Sorry guys, this isn't a threat to Ignatieff's leadership. It doesn't mean anything for Liberal chances in Québec other than the fact that we now have two pretty good candidates in unheld ridings.


rockfish said...

So true. Ain't it just like the 'left-wing media' to let harper off the hook on his flimsy report card today and let coderre's oh-woe-is-me whining top their news cycle.
How is letting the riding membership of Outremont and Jeanne-Le-Brer pick their own candidate 'a victory for Toronto liberals'?
Coderre has no where to go, but if this is what he can do I'm a little worried about what kind of thorn he may become over the next 2-4 months. Hopefully some in the media will decide to turn their attentions to what outstanding candidates Cauchon and Ms Le Prohon are.

Anonymous said...

He reminded me today of John LaPierre another hard done by exliberal....what is it with these idiots that turn against a party...Here is another..Peter Donolo.....what exactly is their beef......signed an ole liberal granny from st.urbain st....

Mario Roberge said...

Typical Toronto-Liberal making an assessment on a subject they don't understand.

Keep it up, buddy!

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