Thursday, January 24, 2008

Quick hits

Some thoughts and suggestions as you browse the interweb:
  • Electoral-Vote has a great piece today on how the conventions actually work. In general, it is one of the most reliable sources of Presidential and Congressional races out there.
  • Social Credit is back in vogue in the United States. All aboard the quick boat to hell because that's where this economy is heading. Seriously, your best idea on how to fix the economy is giving everybody a cheque? This was bi-partisan!!!! Heaven help us.
  • More big promises with lots of smoke and mirrors on the environment from the EU. Ok, all countries that already produce a lot of renewable energy will have high targets. Those that don't will have low targets. See, if you set the bar low enough, even Bulgaria can get over! Of course, if you really want to you could always build the power plant in Eastern Europe and have the power go into the West. I love EU rhetoric on the environment but their actions are pathetic.
  • By the way, a few months back I posted on the importance of air conditioning in meeting or more accurately not meeting Kyoto Targets. I did the math thanks to the government's website, it looks to my calculations that about 3% of Canada's emissions growth is due to residential and commercial cooling. That might not sound like much but think about it this way. That's about 5.6 Megatonnes of C02 per year. That's over 300% more than in 1990. Residential and commercial lighting (which has become the first front in the war against climate change) has increased by about 0.9 Megatonnes. The other big non-industrial culprit? Well, you're using one: computers.
  • I'm pulling for Obama in South Carolina. I don't know that there's much between him and Clinton but isn't it nicer listening to him?
  • Giuliani's radical strategy is producing expected results. I don't expect his campaign manager to be working in November.
  • If anyone cares, I'm backing the OYL Roots team at the meeting in March.
  • For the no readers I actually have at Queen's University I am unlikely to vote in the upcoming AMS elections. Two reasons. One, I don't have class Tuesday or Wednesday and making a special trip to vote in an election that won't affect me when I graduate in April doesn't seem worth it. Two, the most inspiring platform belongs to the joke team which isn't on the ballot. The AMS is big government at its worst. If anyone wants to know how to lose money selling alcohol to students, ask the AMS. Pathetic. Four years of different executives with identical results.
  • Fred Thompson has dropped out of the Republican race. Now, if someone could wake the Senator and tell him the news we can proceed with our regularly scheduled programming.
  • Speaking of regularly scheduled programming. How y'all liking the reality TV-a-thon that is prime time TV? Yay for corporate greed and internet piracy!

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