Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I really hope there was a damn good reason that my school trustee missed the vote on black-focused schools yesterday. If anyone knows why Cathy Dandy was AWOL, please leave me a comment. This was probably the most important vote the board has taken since it refused to balance its budget under the Tories. Barring major illness or a death in the family there is simply no excuse to miss this vote. By the way, this is a horrible decision. A major step backwards. John Tory was wrong when he proposed giving government money to ethnically divide our schools. The 11 members of the board are wrong. I hope this dies in the bureaucracy.


MAW said...

What John Tory proposed to do was bring private religious schools into the fold of public school administration to ensure the same level of scruitiny and accountability was applied to them as it is to public schools.
Less Jihad and more learning in the classroom.

Mushroom said...

If Dandy was at the meeting yesterday, she would have voted yes. She had been supporting this initiative on Rogers Cable whenever she was invited. That Dandy missed the meeting and vote seems to be one extra vote lost, or a cynical ploy to play both sides of the debate. Note that there are rumours in which Case Ootes will step down and Dandy will run for his councillor seat.

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