Friday, January 04, 2008

More Caucus and Other Random Thoughts

So, two am postings are clearly a poor way to get readers. The before bed thing posting thing worked a lot better when I was six hours ahead and was posting in prime time eastern. At any rate, my first thoughts on Iowa are below. Here are some more with some assorted stuff thrown in.
  • Joe Biden has called it quits. What a shock! I didn't hear it... who's concession speech did he use?
  • Romney's people goofed big time. His speech overlapped with Huckabee making him the only major Iowa contender not to get air time on CNN. Terrible gaffe.
  • Brad Marchand has turned his game around. So has the team, great game today. Sweden's going down! Please JFJ, if you can, draft Luke Schenn. The kid is great. Reminds me of the job Dion Phaneuf did in Grand Forks.
  • The Leafs don't just suck. They sizzuck. They seem to come to play about one night in four.
  • I know less than nothing about the politics of northern Saskatchewan. I do know that my principles say that local membership, not Ottawa should choose their candidates. This might be the politically astute move, it is not the principled one.
  • That said, Dion screwing his own guy (Orchard) is kind of strange. Normally, you screw your opponents lieutenants not your own.
  • Clinton's speech was a stinker last night. Hard speech to write, but still. It was downright awful.
  • Mason was fabulous today in net. The only goal was a scrambling mess that was frankly the fault of the defense (Pyett and Godfrey I believe) not Mason. Good decision by Hartsburg to keep him in.
  • Did you see my Wolverines knock off the Gators? I have said it before and I'll say it again, the SEC is overrated.
  • Kenya is depressing. Actually, beyond depressing. It just makes you want to curl up into a ball and cry. The alternative is doing something but for the life of me I can't see much for the world to do. Maybe peacekeepers but I don't know that the Kenyans would be all that keen.
  • Isn't Canada a utopia now that the GST is at five percent? What's that? The big three are still shedding jobs? The world is still getting warmer? The PQ are surging in the polls? Damn! Better knock off another point.
  • Oil around a hundred dollars a barrel means one thing and one thing only, Alberta's about to get even richer.
That's it for now. Enjoy the game tomorrow. Go Canada Go!

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