Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hail to the Victors Valiant

Mitt Romney has won his SECOND state of the primary season. Yes, CBC, John Ibbitson et al. that's his SECOND victory. Mr. Romney, of course, won the great state of Wyoming on January 5th. The Democratic non-primary saw Clinton beat uncommitted. Romney's victory in Michigan means the Repubican race is wide open. I mean wide. It becomes even wider when you factor in that South Carolina will almost certainly not vote for Mr. Romney. Fred Thompson's non-race for the presidency likely faces its Waterloo in South Carolina. Barring an unexpected victory there, he's done. The x factor in all of this is Rudy Giuliani, who although he has yet to win a state or finish better than 4th in a major contest, is expected to be competitive when about half the country votes on February 5th.

Other news? Gary Lunn's getting grilled over isotopes. Yawn! The Guergis thing is shocking but I doubt actually malicious in intent. The premiers are mad at the feds. Well, that is news. When something actually happens in Canadian politics, let me know.

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