Saturday, November 17, 2007

Air Conditioning

I've determined that air conditioning is the biggest challenge in terms of solving the climate change crisis. Look who is meeting its Kyoto targets: Northern European countries that do not have a large proliferation of air conditioner use in their countries. Who has failed? The US, Canada, Australia and Mediterranean Europe who need air conditioning in the summer. Am I oversimplifying?


Kyle G. Olsen said...

Might be true, but an easier line to draw would be that nations that have shut down coal power plants, and dirty industry have met targets while nations that did not, have not.

Andy said...

What specific plants and "dirty industry" would Canada have had to shut down over the past ten years to meet its Kyoto targets? What would have been sufficient?

Didn't the Europeans just backdate Kyoto so that they could count the closing of a bunch of obsolete (in some cases communist-era) industries that were closing anyway? Is there an example of a European country that made an actual sacrifice of a productive industry or a modern power facility for the sake of Kyoto?

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