Saturday, September 30, 2006

Current Results

The results so far are kind of hard to judge. I'm trying to figure out exactly which clubs and ridings are reporting. This is particularly important in places like Ontario where it should be a riding by riding slug fest. Kennedy's results out east are disappointing. We'll see if PEI comes in for him today or not. He looks really good in Ontario, Alberta and BC. I only predicted 50 riding delegates for him in Quebec so I'm not too shocked by his poor showing there.

Dion's strength out east is impressive. He's not running worse than third in the four big provinces so he may be stronger than I anticipated. Rae has to be disappointed with early returns in Ontario. Iggy is where he was expected to be. Note to media: this is a four way race, not a two way race.

I've compiled results to date including declared ex-officio's

Iggy: 385
Dion: 232
Rae: 217
GK: 195
Dryden: 83
Brison: 83
MHF: 21


If you have any riding by riding information please leave it in the comments. I'm trying to get the exact picture. I got the results from Memorial (first poll in; only one in NL with 4 delegates) and UWO

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