Monday, September 25, 2006

Fry is Fried

Hedy Fry has dropped out and is endorsing Bob Rae. Hey, is that tumbleweed?! I have dutifully moved the 15 delegates I had assigned in my projections to Fry (yeah, I know I was generous) into the Rae column. Only one question, what happens to all the ballots that have Hedy Fry delegates on them? And tangentially, what if the people of her riding decide to do what the Democrats of Vermont did for Howard Dean, and elect Fry in spite of the fact that she has dropped out? Oh think of the possibilities... man, can you tell that I'm bored with this race, can we vote already?

As for the other controversies. I really am not all that shocked. Nor am I that appalled. First, the dead. The point of signing up dead people is beyond me. They can't vote! I'm pretty sure about this. They really can't vote. Were they going to send staffers in to vote with fake ID's? So what exactly does it accomplish for Messrs. Ignatieff and Volpe? Boost their sales totals which were never released except via rumours? Are they taking politics lessons from Sideshow Bob? I'm confused. I guess the LPC should add those donations to the candidates' donations to the party for the year.

The living. This is a little nauseating, but I'm not really surprised. Anything to get them in the door, right? The microscope has been on the ants far too long and some of them are starting to burn. This is why you don't have 9 month leadership races: all the dirty little tricks get exposed and the party looks bad for it. The next time we do this, please for the love of God, make it shorter.

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s.b. said...

Iggy organizers in Quebec think people can vote with cards only and no id. So they would send the organizers in with the membership cards of the dead and vote for IGGY. There hae been problems with this in Ontario in the past. The simple way to solve this is to only accept picture id before voting is allowed. However if a riding assn is behind Iggy it would be them that would have to demand that. So yes dead peoples cards could probably be used to vote. After speaking to Iggy organizers in Quebec I don't find this surprising at all.

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