Tuesday, September 26, 2006

You Tube Attacks

There are some over-the-top videos on You Tube attacking Iggy and Rae. I don't care for either of them, but they raise a valid point. If a couple of kids can produce these stinging attacks, imagine the attack ads the Tories and Dippers are going to put out in the next election. Rae and Ignatieff have a lot of baggage. We shouldn't forget that when we vote this weekend. There are two things that are crucial in a leader: good ideas and a good track record. Ignatieff's defense positions are not good ideas and Rae has about as bad a track record as a politician in Ontario could have.


Herb said...

Everybody has baggage. Don't kid yourself, if (for example) dion were to win, the Tories would attack him for being part of the Chretien and Martin governments and for (allegedly) being responsible for the Martin government's failure to meet Kyoto targets.

So the trick is: presume that whoever we elect is going to be viciously attacked by the Tories. Which of the candidates could best beat back those attacks and put the Tories on the defensive.

I say it's Rae. You may have a different answer, but I think that's the key question to be asking.

s.b. said...

Electing either Rae or Ignatieff would be a huge liablility for the Liberals. Unfortunately there haven't been any real debates. if there were everyone in Canada would know about Rae's record in Ontario and iggy's pro war views. In an election campaign the Conservatives would destroy either one of them on their records. Not even Liberals would vote for them after the Cons get through with them.

Frank said...

Ignatieff's defense positions are most certainly great ideas, which a lot of liberals seem content to let go unexamined and go with the herd.

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