Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quick Thoughts

Having to get up before God to prepare for the first visit of a Liberal leader to Toronto-Danforth in God knows how long, I'm just going to ramble a bit tonight.
  • First and foremost, by the time this is actually posted, Stephane Dion will be speaking at Cinespace Studios in Toronto. It's great to have the leader in the riding and I'm sure it will be a resounding success.
  • I was at the Rob Oliphant event today in Don Valley West. I didn't actually hear the speeches (I was at the back in order to go out with Rob and M. Dion on Bayview afterwards), so I won't comment on that. It was a good crowd. Good energy. With the number of experience hands stearing the Oliphant ship, I am cautiously optimistic.
  • Are we ready to start placing bets as to the start of the general election yet?
  • Great to see Eric Lamaze win the gold today.
  • Whenever we go to the polls, it's going to be economic policy front and centre.
  • Hebron is finally all set to start up. More money us mainlanders will never see a penny of.
  • I was visiting relatives in Don Valley West and picked up a piece put out by the Tory by-election campaign. Traditionally, first pieces tend to introduce your candidate. This piece barely mentioned the candidate. If it wasn't for the small print indicating who paid for the thing, John Carmichael's name would not have appeared once on the piece. The piece did talk about all the nice things Harper's done for Toronto. Included in the list was talk about spending on the arts... in the week Harper cut the arts budget by $44.5 million. The rest of the list was pennies here and there. Mostly stuff that previous governments had committed to.
Blogging will in all likelihood be slow this weekend as I head off to Guelph again to campaign for Frank Valeriotte.

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