Wednesday, August 20, 2008


With apologies to Keith Olbermann a quick update into the government's fifty running scandals... Con-ned!

Number 3: What do Doctors Know About Medicine-Gate

Tony "landslide" Clement has been one of Harper's better cabinet ministers. Yes, the pool is that weak folks. Well, that was until he started arguing medical facts... with doctors! Mr. Clement you're not a doctor, you don't even play one on TV!

Number 2: And By Fixed He Means Completely Unfixed-Gate

Stephen Harper as I've already noted called a by-election in Don Valley West for September 22nd. This of course forces Elections Canada to run at tax-payers expense a returning office for the period of the by-election writ. Well, with Harper openly speculating about pulling the plug on the government before the by-election, Elections Canada may be running a returning office, printing ballots and accepting votes for NOTHING. It it were to happen, no amount of electoral reform would get the wasted votes back.

Number 1: China Totally Won't Be Important-Gate

As Jean Chretien has rightly pointed out, Stephen Harper's decision to avoid the opening ceremonies in Beijing may cause irreparable damage to what has been a strong relationship between Canada and China. Harper really can't say he was too busy. Heck, Putin made it and he was busy starting a war! China's coming out party and our Prime Minister stays home. I have no problem sending Emerson. He might even be the right man for the job. Still, the optics dictate that the PM make an appearance. I hope the economy can be supported as well on the moral high ground as it could by having a robust trading relationship with one of the world's largest economies.


Johnathon said...

Are you telling me that China, being probably the worst country in the world for human rights and freedom of religion, is more worthy of a P.M's showing then the94, '98, 2000 and 2002 that Chretien didn't appear at.

I could understand being a die hard partisan, but this is pure insanity.

Until Harper is responsible for stealing 100 million from my fellow taxpayers, I will take his judgement over Chretin's anyday.

Jean Chretien should be ashamed of the realtionship he has with communist China.

Aaron Ginsberg said...

China is about as Communist as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea is democratic. Authoritarian, absolutely. However, the Canadian Prime Minister not going to the Olympics is not going to change anything internally in China. I don't think you can argue that any of the games listed above were as important for the host nation as these games are to China. There wasn't a rush to get into the Australian market in Sydney. Norway did not have a coming out party in Lillehammer. If the Prime Minister wanted to send a message or if he couldn't stomach the idea of going, he should have not sent anyone. As it is, he is risking one of Canada's most important relationships for the sake of appeasing his base.

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