Monday, August 18, 2008

And On the Seventh Day...

The Prime Minister called a by-election? Anyone know if this has been done before? I've heard of burying a bad news story on a Friday afternoon but Sunday? Apparently, this couldn't wait until Monday Morning. Anyone know the schedule for the vote on the throne speech/opposition days when the house returns? Maybe the PM wanted to make sure the election day was before the house fell? I'm just flummoxed by this one. With a fall election imminent and with the ink barely dry on Mr. Godfrey's resignation was it really necessary to spend taxpayers' money on a by-election? Loyal readers will know that I am big on local representation but Mr. Harper waited the maximum to call elections in Toronto-Centre and Willowdale, what makes DVW so different? Is he trying to take resources away from the Liberals and the NDP in Guelph? At any rate, I look forward to helping elect Rob Oliphant as the next member for Don Valley West. Just a reminder, we still have three by-elections going on in Guelph, Westmount-Ville-Marie and Saint-Lambert. Election day for the first three is September 8th. Election day in Don Valley West is September 22nd.

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Anonymous said...

God knows I would never defend Harper but did it occur to you that it is Dion who has really cost Canadian tax payers a lot of money? Because Dion refused to vote out the Harper Cons in the spring it forced Harper to call all four by-elections. Now Dion is back to teasing the body politic and the public about a possible fall general election. Which will mean that all four ridings will have to go through another election, likely before the elected candidate has a chance to get their new offices set up. It was also the Libs that delayed Godfrey's retirement so that Don Valley West happens after the other by-elections which means that Election Canada will have no economy of scale and will therefore have to spend money to gear up for a separate e-day.

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