Monday, August 11, 2008

Layton Promises What Liberals Have Already Delivered

Jack Layton is trying to prove that his party's victory in Outremount wasn't the combination of random forces unlikely to repeat themselves. To this end, he is promising Montrealers cash for their transit system. One problem Jack. Liberal leaders have already done what you are promising to do. A Liberal Prime Minister already gave one cent of the gas tax to cities for transit. A committment that would have been made permanent had Mr. Layton not brought down the Martin government in the fall of 2005. The rest of Jack's money is going to come from a cap and trade system set up by a pair of Liberal premiers. Tomorrow look for Jack Layton will promise to start the Canada Pension Plan, repatriate the Constitution and eliminate the deficit of the early 1990's.


Stephen said...

Under the federal gas tax plan, the Montreal area (where Layton made the announcement) will receive 291 million between 2005 and 2010, according to government figures.

Layton's plan would see Montreal receive 591 million over four years.

Acid Reflux ( said...

Well, Layton has no hope in hell of being elected and setting policy, and gave up all chances of this kind of funding by bringing the last government down. NDPers are no less self-serving than any other political party, except this time they used their minority parliament power to bring us into the darkness of the most right-wing party ever in Canada. I don't think they deserve the right to complain about anything. What did they think was going to happen?

bocanut said...

Dion would be well advised to get rid of his "Communications Guru" and the goons on his blog before he loses all credibility with senior citizens.

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