Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Stephen Harper's Slow Walk Towards Oblivion

Every Liberal in the country should be rejoicing this morning that Stephen Harper is foolish enough to open up the constitution. The last Tory leader to open up the constitution in a time of economic downturn lost all but three seats. So I say if Stephen Harper wants to pursue Brian Mulroney's grand Tory coalition, let him. He will inevitably fail and be crushed by the weight of his own expectations. Here's the basic conundrum. The reason you open up the constitution is to get Quebec to sign on (only an issue in perception). However, if you open up the constitution there are whole bunch of other Canadians that would like to see some changes. Such as...
  • Western Canadians. Western Canada has a ridiculously low proportion of senate seats and many there want a triple E senate. Open up the constitution, and real senate reform is on the table.
  • Native Canadians. Quebec is a nation? What about our First Nations? Open up the constitution and prepare for a dogfight from native groups. Native rights essentially killed Meech Lake.
  • The GLBT community. I know, I know, that's not the acronym these days but I can't remember the new one. Anyway, they want sexual orientation in the charter. This isn't as big a problem for the Tories (aren't a lot of gay Tories out there) but it will still be an issue. Could be a huge issue if a premier decides to champion the cause. Say, a premier who has a gay minister of health and a lesbian minister of education. Not saying McGuinty would, but you never know.
Not to mention the millions of Canadians who would like nothing more than to never hear another constitutional debate as long as they live.


Anonymous said...

Blackburn was an MP in Mulroney's government...that ought to say something

Anonymous said...

FYI - i think very few in the LGBQ community would be calling for inclusion in the Constitution. We did at one point want to be written into the Charter but this has become less important given that the SCOC has read us in and that has meant changes to most significant pieces legislation (pensions, marriage,adoption, etc.).
The Trans community is still seeking full protection but that would not come by inclusion in the Constitution but in the Charter.
I don't disagree that opening the Constitution will be a risky venture but please distinguish between the Charter and the Constitution very different documents that are not interchangeable.

Justin Socie said...

Every Liberal in the country should be rejoicing this morning that Stephen Harper is foolish enough to open up the constitution.

No can do. My concern for the damage that this sort of thing could do to the country far outweighs any happiness that I would derive from the damage that it would do to the Conservative party.

Anonymous said...

wishfull thinking, im sure dion will fuck it up again...and im a liberal...

Anonymous said...

"aren't a lot of gay Tories out there"

Says who? Have you checked cabinet?

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